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Road trips USA: conjunto and tejano playlist for Texas

Road trips USA: conjunto and tejano playlist for Texas

Mercedes, Texas, native Elida Reyna is the current queen of tejano, and her award-winning hit Prefiero Morir infuses pop qualities while still remaining tejano.

Frutty Villarreal y Los Mavericks, Vamonos Para Acapulco

A classic conjunto cumbia from San Antonio's Frutty Villarreal y Los Mavericks featuring the smooth voice of veteran Flaco Naranjo.

Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution, Voy Navegando

Austin's legendary "El Gato Negro", Ruben Ramos, has been known for the big brass Orquesta sound for decades and Voy Navegando is a great example of his audio signature.

Little Joe y La Familia, Las Nubes

The music of the "King of the Brown Sound", Little Joe Hernandez from Temple, Texas, has resonated with Mexican-Americans nationwide for decades. Las Nubes is arguably the tejano national anthem.

Piper LeMoine is a music journalist with Rancho Alegre Radio in Austin, Texas, which specialises in promoting and preserving conjunto and tejano music

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